Designed to meet the highest standards and to embrace individual ideas

Clean lines, 42 colours and endless possibilities – the famous Danish furniture manufacturer Montana speaks the language of design and opens the door to a unique world of shapes and contours.

The resulting high demands also apply to the castors which fit seamlessly into the design concept of the company and allow maximum flexibility given that they were adapted by us to meet the individual requirements visualised by the customer.

The starting point

Montana Møbler A/S offers its customers all over the world a range of different modular systems and occupies a prominent position in the market with its award-winning designs. Founder and designer Peter J. Lassen has made the company a worldwide name with his high-calibre team of designers and a workforce now exceeding 120. In his past life he was employed in the family-run enterprise Fritz Hansen A/S and worked with some of the best designers in Denmark, from Arne Jacobsen, Piet Hein and Jørn Utzon right through to Verner Pan-ton. Today, Montana is managed by the son of the founder, Joakim Lassen. The furniture manufacturer is known not only for the many different ways in which the pieces of furniture can be combined, but also for the unique range of surface finishes with a choice of 42 paint colours and three veneers. The Montana approach is to provide people with a system which allows them freedom and scope for personal development. They love the versatility of the furniture with its infinite number of combinations and are charmed by its purest forms, basic geometric shapes and clean lines.

Specific castor requirements

About a quarter of Montana office furniture is fitted with castors and the trend continues upwards. The company needs a solution which fits perfectly with the design language of the furniture manufacturer and which allows the furniture to be moved easily. It is also important to be able to match the castors to the individual brief in terms of colour because Montana also supplies its chairs, side tables, shelves and cupboards in the 42 Montana colours.

Our smart mobility solution

The castor which meets the Montana specification exactly is the TENTE Linea. Like the furniture made by the Danish company, its design has also won over the judges of many leading design competitions because form and function go hand in hand. As a twin-wheel castor it is the perfect choice for relatively heavy-duty applications. Its high-quality tread surfaces guarantee excellent running characteristics and minimum wear.

There were some details of the Linea, however, which did not satisfy the design demands of the furniture manufacturer. Instead of the curved contour of the regular cap, Montana preferred a more minimalist solution. The height also needed to be adjusted. We were able to satisfy both wishes with individual tailor-made solutions. In close liaison with the designers of the Danish company we developed a flat cap which fulfils the Montana design brief down to the very last detail.

The modified height of the castors also came to fruition through intensive consultation with Montana. Montana is supplied with the Linea in various sizes: 40 millimetres for its chairs and 65 or 75 millimetres for shelves, cupboards and tables. This range of castors also provides a firm base for the unique items in a broad spectrum of colours.

"Customised design and supreme flexibility – just two of the many advantages of the TENTE Linea."

Andy Poulsen, Product Developer at Montana

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Made-to-measure designs for optimum processes

The customised Linea represents the exact design ideas of Montana and provides the optimum solution for the process in question be-cause the cap can be finished in the required colour and can be fitted or replaced quickly and easily. The clip-in process is straightforward and the caps remain securely in place.

They do not fall out and can easily be removed if necessary. our solution therefore introduces a virtually unlimited scope for design, increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process and contributes to flexible and customer-friendly after-sales service.

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