A solution designed to meet individual requirements – and to shorten assembly times by a third.

The winning combination for Swedish furniture manufacturer
Skandiform is design, function and top quality.

So it is no wonder that the company relies on the sophisticated mobility solutions developed by TENTE – solutions like the Anika castor which we customised for Skandiform, and managed to reduce assembly times in the company by a third.

The starting point

Skandiform belongs to the Kinnarps Group and is one of the leading suppliers of furniture for offices and public spaces. lts customers include Volvo, Scania and NCC, to name but some. The company has won a number of prestigious design awards since it was started up in 1962. Skandiform repeatedly works with high-calibre designers on product development and has produced numerous pieces of furniture which are now considered true classics, including the “Nonstop” sofa by Ruud Ekstrand and the “Mama” easy chair by Jonas Lindvall.

Highest requirements in terms of design and efficiency

The names on the list of Skandiform‘s clients indicate at a glance that the company makes no compromises when it comes to quality. This is why TENTE‘s castors have also been a permanent fixture in the design features favoured by the Swedish furniture manufacturer. The design of the new Anika castor also impressed Skandiform. lt is available in a wide range of colours and sizes. However, when it was first tested on the “Timeout” and “Fendo” chairs, the project managers identified room for improvement in the look of furniture with the castor, noticing that the distance between the castor and the chair legs seemed too large. They were also overly distracted by the nut used to tighten the fastening stem. In addition, Skandiform wanted to achieve a further reduction in the time required to assemble the castor. Therefore, they contacted our experts to discuss their wishes. They promptly replied that they could oblige.

Our smart mobility solution

The first step taken by the employees at our Swedish subsidiary was to approach the staff in France where the Anika castor is manufactured. A detailed analysis indicated that there was only one way forward as it became clear that the fastening stem would need to be specially adapted to meet Skandiform‘s specifications. Having trusted in the flexibility and problem solving skills of TENTE for many years, the respected furniture manufacturer was willing to give the go-ahead for the devel op ment work in this case.

Our engineers approached the challenge in the usual way, considering all the relevant design aspects. They came up with a stem which has a groove on its head for tightening and a thread lock, which was significantly shorter than its predecessor. These changes paved the way for the improvement in the distance between the castor and the chair leg and therefore enhanced the overall appearance, as envisaged by the customer. lt is not only the stem however, which has been noticeably shortened, the assembly times at the Swedish company have also been reduced.

The assembly staff employed by the furniture manufacturer used to have to grease the thread of the stem manually, but now this step is completely taken care of by TENTE and carried out in advance. The castor is also attached more securely as a result. This is because the thread no longer has to be greased manually at Skandiform, there by preventing potential assembly errors and avoiding possible risks.

"The mobility solution dreamed up by TENTE enabled us to shorten our assembly times by a remarkable four minutes per chair. This improves our productivity and allows us to benefit from various cost savings."

Anki Holgersson, Purchase Manager at Skandiform

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Productivity, safety and diversity

The elimination of this step enables Skandiform to shorten its assembly time by an impressive four minutes per chair. The company therefore benefits from increased productivity and major cost savings.

The furniture can be assembled more efficiently and delivered to the customers quicker. This is a particular advantage when high order volumes have to be tumed around in the shortest possible time.

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