In perfect harmony: Mobility at its best

Our mobility solutions have already been awarded numerous prestigious prizes for their level of originality in design. We were presented with the renowned Red Dot Design Award for the Smiles and Integral twin product families, while the Levina plastic castor received the universal design award and the Linea twin wheel castor won the iF Product Design Award. The Integral centrally-locking castor has been the recipient of several awards as well.

For us, design means pursuing a clear product philosophy. As a component and system supplier, we focus on an integrative design approach. In other words:

Our mobility solutions adapt perfectly to our customers’ requirements, both formally and technically. With their rather reserved aesthetics and style, they can be easily integrated into the design environment. This is due to the broad spectrum of adaptation options we have at our disposal. A modular design enables components, such as the caps, to be exchanged. In this way, the design language can be adapted to suit the end products. Moreover, design adaptations of greater complexity are also possible, such as taking the design lines of the product and continuing them through the connection area in order to create a visually flowing transition between application and mobility solution. When it comes to engineering design, form always follows function.

Our solutions are always an expression of their technical capabilities, maturity and reflect the close alliance of engineering and design. Whether in matters of ergonomics, safety, load-bearing capacity or lightweight construction – the design is always guided by the function and is thought through in every detail. So, in terms of design, we meet the highest demands and are there to provide you with distinguished solutions, in the truest sense of the word.