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Antimagnetic castors for the MRI scanner

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging method used for medical diagnosis. It generates strong magnetic fields and alternating magnetic fields. This makes special demands on the scanner and all its components, as well as other objects in the room. Castors, for example, must also have certain properties if they are to be used in conjunction with MRI scanners.

MRI: Important factors in the selection of castors

The most important requirement for the castors is that they are antimagnetic. The use of magnetic castors would disturb the magnetic field and the procedure could not be carried out successfully. Magnetic flux densities of up to 3.0 T (Tesla) are generated in MRI scanners, which means that the castors must be suitable for a magnetic field of this strength.

Other factors are their flexibility and stability. The castors must have a light running action so that they can be moved into the correct position quickly and easily. At the same time, it is vital that the MRI scanner can be fixed firmly in a stationary position: Any unnecessary movements make the images unusable and must therefore be avoided.

TENTE Linea castors for medical equipment

The TENTE Linea series is the ideal solution for medical equipment such as the MRI. The castors are easy to manoeuvre and can be secured by a locking system with just one simple movement. They can be used for both closed systems and open MRI, for example in the form of a mobile C-arm.

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