Trust on a consistent basis

We are a global company and produce our mobility solutions at various international locations. One of the key elements for our success is the trust and sustainable collaboration at all levels. This of course includes purchasing.

Each partner of the TENTE Group undertakes to supply our company with a uniform price - possibly with different logistics and transport costs.

All information we publish on this page refer exclusively to our four facilities listed below. Steering is characterised through a central purchasing. There is a purchasing network with our other locations. These companies make their own purchasing and supplier decisions.

Important Information for Suppliers

If you would like to apply to be a new supplier for our company, please refer to the further details on the page about our supplier portal. For any direct inquiries, we are available for you with our English and German speaking staff.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Below you can download our code of conduct for suppliers:

Suppliers – Code of Conduct [PDF]