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Especially in the food and commercial kitchen sector, it is essential to use reliable wheels and castors that can withstand the most diverse and extreme requirements:

In harmony with the surroundings

From a 280°C oven to a -20°C deep-freeze warehouse, a manually operated tray transport trolley to fully automated goods transport, from manual cleaning to high-performance washing systems, from an in-house canteen to a Michelin star restaurant on the Champs-Elysée, these are just some of the many applications and factors that mobility providers deal with daily. And all of these tasks require reliable peak performance in any situation.

What we offer

TENTE stands for solutions and quality that guarantee optimal operational readiness in exactly these areas. And not only that: Our application-specific concepts can help to improve kitchen and food logistics and solve specific pain points of the market, such as efficient central locking, noise reduction, weight savings and much more.

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E-Drive optima, drive unit with integrated control unit, can be lowered and raised, brushless motor with deceleration function and constant torque. Solid housing made of galvanized sheet steel, the wheel can be replaced by the customer and ordered individually, maintenance-free.

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