With Disney on board - and TENTE on deck

Sailing on the high seas with Mickey and his friends – families
with toddlers on board the Disney Cruise Line's cruise ships can
immerse themselves in a fascinating fantasy world.

However, we’re there too, right in the centre of the action. That’s because our company equips selected service trolleys in the fleet with the TENTE Linea castor. This castor offers a customised design that is 100 percent Disney-centred and ensures that the Disney Cruise Line does not deviate, even slightly from the course.

The starting point

The Disney Cruise Line's holiday-goers of all ages opt for a cruise on the entertainment group's cruise liners primarily because of their unique fairytale world. For the company, it is essential that every item of equipment in the fleet fits into the exceptional corporate design and does not break the spell cast by the magical Disney surroundings.

Service trolleys as part of the disney world

Service trolleys from our customer SOROL Hospitality Equipts GmbH are used for cleaning on board the ships. These trolleys must also be seamlessly integrated into Disney's corporate design and perfectly match the fantasy world from handle to castor. SOROL GmbH, with its trolley models, makes all this possible. They design the trolleys individually according to the Disney Cruise Line's ideas in order to blend the trolleys with the imaginative theme worlds. Before a cruise ship can set sail, the appearance of all equipment is checked in a demonstration room. Service trolleys are only given the green light if everything is just right. SOROL GmbH approached us to ensure that the castors fit in with the overall concept of the cruise liners, which is how the TENTE Linea came to be on board. Our intelligent mobility solution.

Our smart mobility solution

In our quest to provide our customer with the perfect castor for this purpose, we first of all considered the challenge from every relevant perspective. This meant looking not only at the design options, but also at all other aspects to be considered on a cruise ship.

Criteria such as safety, stability, flexibility and easy manoeuvrability were all taken into consideration. In view of this, the choice fell on TENTE Linea. The designer castor guarantees SOROS GmbH a great creative scope, since it has already been devised to meet stringent design specifications. It can be coloured to customers’ own corporate colours and can also bear a logo and picture motifs.

The double castor ensures maximum steering flexibility and excellent stability with its broad wheelbase. It can also be locked in the direction of travel. After activating the directional lock, it moves only in the desired direction.

"When it comes to individual colour design, TENTE leaves nothing to be desired."

Richie Okorie, Managing Director, SOROL GmbH

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Perfectly adapted to the corporate design

With the Linea designer castor, SOROL GmbH realised design concepts with this quality are only possible with TENTE. No matter what Disney theme worlds are to be conveyed - our solution meets the highest design specifications. The colour nuances know no bounds.

For example, we presented the castor in the typical silver look to represent the 1920s and 1930s. We also delivered it in the particular gold of a brand too. To top it all off, our engineers can offer maximum user-friendliness. The use of TENTE Linea means that, service trolleys can be manoeuvred comfortably, even in the narrow corridors of cruise liners and, even in heavy seas, you will be thoroughly impressed with their high stability.

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