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One of our outstanding competencies: safe immobilization when standing.

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There is one component that belongs to the basic features of therapy chairs for people with disabilities: safety.

Both users and their carers must be able to rely on the mobility aid – and this applies equally to moving and to standing still. That is why we took a closer look at the therapy chairs made by our customer Schuchmann and further improved their safety – thanks to the customised TENTE Linea safety with castor locking system.

The starting point

Schuchmann GmbH & Co. KG develops aids that help children and young people with disabilities to take part in everyday life more easily and comfortably. Safety and effortless handling are particularly important for the Hasbergen-based specialists.  

In search of the perfect caster

Schuchmann’s mobility aids make an important contribution to inclusion. With the help of the company’s walking trainers, tricycles and therapy chairs, children and adolescents can move around more freely, play with others and learn together in comfort. One of the achievements in this field is the Madita-Fun therapy chair. It has an individually adjustable seat unit, which can also serve as a high chair and provides mobility support for children. Our task: to provide a smart solution that further improves mobility and ergonomics, whilst also ensuring the highest level of safety.

Our smart mobility solution

Our Linea safety twin wheel caster offers a solution that is precisely tailored to Schuchmann's requirements – and perfectly compliments the Madita-Fun therapy chair. Its uncompromizing quality never fails to impress. It is also available in various sizes and has a reliable caster locking system. When the user operates the locking lever, the casters can be set in motion.

When the user releases the lever, the casters automatically come to an immediate standstill. However, before we mounted the caster on the Madita-Fun, we focused our attention on something else: namely the big picture. Here, we asked ourselves: How could our caster improve the overall user-friendliness of the therapy chair? How could we further enhance safety and flexibility? Lastly, how can we promote the independence of children and young people as well as improving their mobility?

We worked out the answers to these questions in close cooperation with Schuchmann and tuned the Linea safety precisely to the needs of its young users: The developers designed the lever to lock and unlock the casters ergonomically and made it easier to use. On top of that, this smart solution provides the highest level of reliability. So the chair still stays safely in place if the Bowden cable breaks – even on an incline of up to 10 percent.

TENTE understood our safety requirements exactly – and implemented them with outstanding success.

Torsten Schuchmann, Director of Schuchmann GmbH & Co. KG

Always safe

Our Linea safety secures the trust of its young users as well as the trust of parents and carers. It ensures that children and adolescents with disabilities remain able to take part in daily life with confidence. The ergonomically-designed lever used to lock the castors can be easily reached and effortlessly operated.

When operated, the therapy chair can be pulled up to a table or toy and then easily pushed away again. When the lever is released, the chair comes to an immediate stop. This is how our Linea safety guarantees improved mobility, always and everywhere, as well as the highest level of safety.

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