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Our company uses innovative ideas to create stimuli that open up completely new opportunities for the markets and offer valuable advantages. One example of this is the Aviana light, which exploits the design scope of plastics and sets new standards for lightweight construction in aviation.

With the development of the Integral, we have raised the bar in the field of medicine, once again, by combining an appealing caster design with exceptional shock resistance, durability and safety.

Our Linea caster for hospital beds created a small revolution. Its special feature is its minimal overall height, which enables the mattress base to be lowered to a previously unattainable level and represents a great bonus in terms of safety for the patients. Our tool-free mounting system is equally pioneering. The casters are fixed in place with a time- and cost-saving plug-in connection system – with no fiddly screws. 

Our completely metal-free Levina Scan also opens up new avenues. All of the caster components are made of 100 percent synthetic material and thus meet the strictest safety requirements for magnetic resonance imaging, research facilities or security interlock systems at airports. The E-Drive is our smart solution for logistics and transport. Our easy-to-integrate caster module makes moving loads noticeably easier thanks to an electric drive.

Of course, we are always ready to provide you with customized mobility solutions too. For example: Developments such as steerable casters with automatic alignment, which save an enormous amount of time, increase efficiency and improve logistics processes.


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