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In cleanrooms in the electrical and semiconductor industry, as well as in the automotive sector and in numerous other industries, strict regulations apply with regard to the permissible particle concentration in the air. When casters are to be used in such sensitive areas, quite a few companies require a certificate verifying that all of the individual components of the mobility solution are silicone-free.

With us, you are always on the safe side. This is because none of our products contain silicone – the granules of the processed plastic, the surfaces, seals and ball bearings are all silicone-free. We know that even the smallest particles can have undesirable effects. Especially for use in cleanrooms, we offer you perfectly adapted solutions which are conductive, rustproof and have sealed bearings. In most cases, a plastic caster with smooth surfaces is the caster of choice.

We offer ESD casters and wheels. ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge. ESD solutions prevent damage and the negative effects caused by rapid electrostatic discharges.


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