Product family



Optimized steering mechanism


Directional lock for improved steering in curves and traveling in a straight line for long distances.


Easy steering


Swivel head with precision ball bearing.


User-friendly central lock


Simultaneous locking of more than one caster using a central actuation lever.


Practical system solution


Practical system solution with all technical components for central locking.



Flexible lock function

Use of two independent actuation systems in one caster.


Optimized directional lock

Directional lock can be adjusted to your requirements to 2x180° or 4x90°.

Low-vibration transportation


Extra soft wheels with good shock-absorbing properties.


Secure stand


Total lock for simultaneously locking the wheel and swivel housing.


Ergonomically friendly use


Wheels with optimized roll resistance to lighten the load of the user.



Increased occupational safety

Partially elastic foot protection to reduce accidents. Also used on uneven floors. 




Color matching

Colors can be matched to the product design.


Tested quality


Tested in our own test laboratory for compliance with European standards.


Low wear and tear wheels


Hard plastic wheels with extremely low wear and tear properties.


Uninterrupted use


Sealed swivel bearing for continuous, uninterrupted movement.


Strong construction


Housing made of heavy steel for high load capacity.


Quiet rolling


Particularly soft wheel versions for a quiet working environment.


Non-marking movement


Wheels with reduced abrasion and minimal cleaning requirement.


Non-staining operation


No staining on floors after long standing periods.


Resource-conserving part replacement


Threaded axles allow unproblematic wheel change.


Non-hazardous materials


Complies with RoHS and REACH regulations. Does not contain polycyclic aromatic carbons or chromium(VI).


Tread materials












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