Terms of use

TENTE CAD service

I. Usage limitations

All CAD data provided are and shall remain property of TENTE International GmbH. Date shall solely be used for the company that has registered the user name. It is explicitly forbidden to pass on data to any third party without the prior written consent of TENTE International GmbH. The following penalty shall apply if a company commits an offense against the ban of distribution of the materials. A contract penalty in excess of € 5.100 will be assessed for every offense.


II. Dimensional accuracy

We cannot guarantee the correctness of any CAD data provided. Dimensional tolerances may occur with respect to certain products and are subject to construction design. In case of doubt, please contact one of our TENTE consultants.

III. Changes

The CAD data transmitted are not subject to any update service. TENTE International GmbH reserves the right to make changes at any time. In case of technical changes, the customer shall be responsible for making the update.


IV. Data usage

All CAD data requests are recorded. TENTE may use these extracted data for customer service purposes. Data may not be passed on to companies that are not part of TENTE Marketing.


V. Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising from this contractual relationship shall be brought forward to the appropriate court where the head office or the supplier branch in charge of the delivery has to report to, if the user is a registered merchant, legal entity of the public law or public separate estate. The supplier shall also have the right to file an action at the customer's head office location.



The TENTE CAD Service is provided by CADENAS GmbH.

Please also check terms of use at http://www.cadenas.de/terms-of-use-3d-cad-models


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