Wheels and casters

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Wheels and casters are available in a variety of designs. The function and quality of a caster or wheel depends on the overall concept and the individual details. Even small differences can influence mobility solutions in the various fields of application. In order to maximize efficiency and service life, it is extremely important to select the right caster system. This is why TENTE, as an experienced manufacturer of wheels and casters, offers customized solutions that meet the requirements of its customers.

Overview of wheels and casters

The wheel consists of the tread, the wheel body and the wheel bearing. Various materials and designs can be selected for each of the components. For example, tread materials are subdivided into hard and soft materials, which are suitable for different floor types. The wheel body can be made of sheet steel, plastic, die-cast zinc or cast metal. Three main groups of wheel bearings are available: Plain bearings, ball bearings and roller bearings.

Casters are comprised of a wheel, a housing and a fitting. Various versions are available in combination with rigid and swivel housings. Steel sheet or malleable cast iron are often used as the housing material. The caster is connected to the device, the application or the trolley. Depending on the application, tube, plate, or round solid-stem fittings may be used.

Individual system solutions from TENTE
The overview shows just how diverse wheels and casters are. We are here to help you find the right mobility system for your application – and we can help you with the development of customized solutions if needed. Please contact us for advice from our experts on all aspects of wheels and casters!


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