The TENTE 2477 with PJP wheel for waste collectors

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In commercial kitchens – whether in restaurants, cafeteries or hospitals – waste containers are indispensable. Every day, huge amounts of refuse have to be disposed off. From packaging material to kitchen waste. Once the containers are full, they are heavy and have to be transported to the dumpster. This will require a great deal of effort when using inferior casters. It can even pose a health and safety risk. When equipping waste containers for the first time, and when replacing parts later, it is therefore vitally important to choose the right casters.

Casters on fully loaded waste containers must overcome a high rolling resistance on the ground. An important factor for roll resistance is the tread. A tread made of hard material, for example, offers lower roll resistance but can leave marks on the floor. Therefore, the ideal caster combines the properties of a hard tread with a softer material, so that it runs smoothly and leaves no marks. It is important that the casters are easy to maneuver.

This requires swivel casters that can be moved in all directions. Use brake casters to ensure the right level of safety and stability. Then the waste containers can stopped quickly and safe, and locked in position.

TENTE 2477 with PJP wheel for waste containers

TENTE 2477 casters with PJP wheels are particularly suitable for waste containers. Their tread is made of innovative TENTEprene, a thermoplastic rubber. These casters can be pushed and pulled easily without leaving unwanted marks, even when heavily loaded. The swivel casters and locks made of die-cast zinc are extremely stable and durable. Stainless steel versions of the TENTE 2477 are also available.


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