Two-component solid rubber: Tread material for casters & wheels

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As an alternative to solid rubber, casters and wheels or tires can be produced with a tread made of two-component solid rubber. This tread combines a hard rubber with a softer rubber.

Structure of two-component solid rubber tyres

The harder rubber component forms the core of the tire. The softer component is vulcanized on top. This way, the properties of the different types of rubber are combined. The softer component is usually highly elastic to reduce the starting and roll resistance.

Properties of tread

Tread made of two-component solid rubber offer an ideal combination of running properties and low roll resistance. The harder component ensures a high load capacity. The tires are floor-friendly and dampen vibrations. They have good resistance to many chemical substances. They can be used at temperatures of between approximately -30°C and +80°C. Driving comfort is significantly better than with the solid rubber versions. This means that these tires can be used in a wide range of applications where solid rubber tires are not suitable.


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