Advantages of triangle caster systems

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Triangular dollies are an excellent way to transport heavy loads while at the same time ensuring very good manoeuvrability. Three swivel castors are bolted to a plate, which in turn is attached to the equipment by means of a bolt-on plate. The already high load capacity of each individual swivel castor is thus multiplied.

Thanks to their high load capacity, the triangle caster systems are suitable for heavy-duty applications. In addition, the composition and arrangement of the casters make it easy to maneuver heavy loads even in the tightest of spaces. Three swivel casters are mounted to a triangular plate to form the triangle caster system. For example this is a great advantage in theaters when heavy stage equipment needs to be moved around frequently.

Thanks to their robustness and durability, the casters can withstand even permanent loading. They can be used on a wide variety of flooring and therefore meet all of the mobility requirements. Another important advantage for theaters: The triangle caster system operates silently so that they can do their job perfectly, even during a performance.

Dolly structure and versions

The TENTE 3470 series triangular dolly casters have a sheet steel housing and swivel bearing with a double row and a bolt-on plate as the fitting. The load capacity varies depending on the version. Different wheel versions and sizes can be used on request. Wheel sizes from 100 mm to 250 mm are possible, and the maximum load capacity lies between 160 kg and 1,000 kg. High-quality precision ball bearings enhance the drive comfort and maneuvreability of all the wheel versions. For the wheel center, for example, polyamide or aluminum can be used, while polyurethane or elastic tires can be used for the tread. If required, special solutions are also possible to meet all individual requirements.


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