Properties of the trolley casters

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A transport trolley is used wherever various different loads have to be transported from one place to another. Kitchens and restaurants are a good example: Ingredients, equipment and accessories are constantly used in different places and have to be pushed back and forth – sometimes in the tightest of spaces. With the appropriate castors, transport trolleys make work considerably easier and processes much more efficient.

Good casters have a high load-bearing capacity and assure that transport carts runs smoothly while maintaining directional stability. Generally a combination of rigid and swivel casters is used to achieve this: Rigid casters give the transport trolley directional stability, and the swivel casters assure easy to maneuverability in all directions. A brake on the casters ensures easy locking. This means the transport trolley can be quickly immobilized without difficulty.

When selecting casters, attention must be paid to the material. If transport trolleys are used when working where food is processed, the hygiene aspect is particularly important: The casters must be easy to clean so they comply with hygiene regulations. Hard steel casters are not suitable in this case.

High quality TENTE Levina casters

The TENTE Levina series of casters is particularly suitable for transport trolleys. The casters have a slight damping effect, which does not affect the smooth running of the trolley, even on uneven floors. The stable casters can be maneuvered easily, even under heavy load, this can be a great advantage in a busy environment. TENTE Levina casters are easy to clean and corrosion resistant, which makes them ideal for strict hygiene requirements.

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