How total locks work

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Equipment or applications with casters should be fitted with a locking system to ensure a secure stand when stationary. One option is the total lock. With this system, the caster is fitted with a locking mechanism that simultaneously locks both the wheel and the swivel action. It can be used with individual locks that lock only one caster, as well as with central locking systems that lock several casters simlutaneously.

A total lock or total stop system requires a complex device to ensure that both of the caster’s moving parts are locked at the same time. TENTE’s kick pedal brake system is designed in such a way that when pressure is applied to the spring, the spring pushes against the wheel and the toothring simultaneously. The spring will lock in place, and the swivel bearing is positively locked and the wheel is friction locked.

Advantages of this lock system

The total lock system offers a number of advantages. It requires only a few moving parts, for example. This makes it less susceptible to faults than systems that comprise a larger number of smaller parts. Another advantage is that the pedal is always operated by applying pressure from above. This means that there is no need to lift up the lock from below with the toe. And because the locking mechanism is integrated in the housing, it is also particularly advantageous in environments with strict hygiene regulations. The surface of the housing thus remains smooth and is less susceptible to dirt.

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