The swivel bearings of a caster

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Maneuverability and flexibility are the most important advantages when using practically any caster. The swivel bearing determines how easily and smoothly this operates.

Smooth rolling and maneuverin combined in the swivel bearing

The offset, wheel diameter and especially the design of the swivel bearing determine the swivel characteristics. A distinction is made between plain bearings, roller bearings and ball bearings, the latter being subdivided into those with a single or double row, and precision ball bearings. The type of swivel bearing used depends on the specific requirements of the castor and its swivel characteristics. Plain bearings are more suitable for lighter loads, while precision ball bearings are used for devices that require very smooth and easy running.

Which swivel bearing for which application?

Housings with plain bearings are suitable, for example, for chair and sulu:link href="b9115511-4e63-474b-8f0a-cedf1b54f80b" provider="page" target="_self" title="Furniture castors">furniture castors which only have to withstand light to medium loads. In this case, the kingpin pin can rotate in the caster housing or in the fitting hole. Roller bearings are mainly used in transport equipment casters. Due to the large bearing diameter, which allows them to withstand high loading torques, they are also suitable for supporting heavy loads.

Housings with a single ball race are used for light furniture and  sulu:link href="4e60a127-bdd9-44e5-a01e-2cc727dfa668" provider="page" target="_self" title="title="Equipment casters">equipment casters , for instance, where they are subjected to medium, often impact-free loads. Push-through fasteners or screw-on plates are used as fittings. Versions with a double race, however, can carry larger loads, for equipment casters and industrial casters. The double race reduces the friction in the housing that occurs during tilting, and makes the system run more easily.

Casters for sensitive laboratory equipment and hospital beds need to run particularly smoothly and easily. That is why TENTE casters for these sensitive applications are manufactured with high-quality precision ball bearings according to DIN standards . The easy roll and wear resistance of these swivel bearings is impressive, even at maximum loads.


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