Properties of the stainless-steel casters

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Stainless steel casters are of particularly high quality and withstand permanent loading even when exposed to severe external influences. TENTE stainless steel casters are made of 1.4301 steel, also known as V2A steel. This steel consists of 18% chromium, about 8% to 10% nickel, and iron.

Casters made of 1.4301 stainless steel have a very high resistance to various influences, such as water, humidity, various acids, fats and strong cleaning agents. Thanks to their corrosion resistance, the casters have a long service life and can be used within a wide temperature range. They can be used at temperatures almost to absolute zero. In addition, the casters are washable, which is important in some industries where hygiene is top priority.

Uses for stainless steel castors

Thanks to the properties of stainless steel, these castors are ideal for particularly heavy-duty applications. These include all applications where strict hygiene regulations apply. They are therefore used primarily in medical technology as well as in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

For situations where extreme temperatures are encountered, a combination of stainless steel castors with heat-resistant components is possible. These may be used in bakeries or cold stores, for example. These castors remain durable and stable even under permanent loading.


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