Hygiene, comfort and maneuverability: important factors for a catering trolley

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The trolley is an indispensable item in industrial kitchens, cafeterias and restaurants. Constantly loaded with large quantities of food, cutlery or dishes, these trolleys make the transport from one place to another easy. Speed is often of the essence, since the procedures are closely synchronised. There is no time in the equation for inadequate casters that hold up the process. In order to find the right casters, it is important to consider a few basic things.

Hygiene is top priority in areas where food is handled. For example, casters on catering trolleys must comply with hygiene regulations. Casters and wheels must be easy to clean and resistant to cleaning agents. Another feature that should be taken into account is the operating comfort. For example, hard steel casters do not dampen the shock when the trolley rolls over uneven surfaces. Rattling, from dishes and cutlery, moved on the trolley can be extremely annoying.

Swivel casters have a great advantage when the trolley has to move in all directions, especially around corners and through narrow hallways. They provide the trolley with easy maneuverability. A locking swivel caster is required to assure trolleys stay in place when necessary.

Casters from TENTE Levina series: ideal for serving trolleys

TENTE Levina casters are ideal for serving trolleys, especially when used on uneven or rough floors. The casters have a slight damping effect, they are stable and very easy to maneuver. They are easy to clean and are notable for their excellent resilience and corrosion resistance.

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