Properties of roller bearings

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Wheel bearings for casters can be divided into various types: The four most common types are roller bearings, plain bearings, cone ball bearings and precision ball bearings. The type of bearing selected depends on various factors. These include the transport equipment for which the casters are required as well as the speed and frequency with which the equipment is moved. For example hospital bed casters require different wheel bearings than furniture casters or heavy-duty casters.

Roller bearings belong to the group of anti-friction bearings, one of the most common types of bearings. In contrast to plain bearings, which form the second large group, rolling bearings have an outer and inner ring. Friction between the rings is reduced by the rolling parts. The roller bearing has a lower installation height than other bearings and a high load-bearing capacity. Its rolling resistance is relatively low. Roller bearings are low-maintenance and durable under normal operating conditions, They are lubricated with long-life grease.

As with plain bearings, roller bearings are mostly used for transport equipment that is moved at low speed. The travel speed of casters equipped with roller bearings should not exceed about 4 km/h.

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