The TENTE order numbering system – clear and simple

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We developed a clearly structured order number system for our products to assure that you can easily find the right casters and wheels for your application. The order number contains all of the necessary information about the product properties and it makes it easier for you to select the caster and place your order. The order number has a specific structure and is unique. This means that every caster or wheel can be identified and assigned easily.

The TENTE order number system explained
The order number is made up of three parts, which precisely define the housing, the wheel and the sulu:link href="8535a749-3cd4-4e21-94c7-81ebd7b6320c" provider="page" target="_self" title="Fittings - Casters and wheels">fitting . The following example explains the individual components:
3470 UOT-125 P62-105x85
The first four digits describe the housing. The first digit stands for the material, the second for the fork shape, the third for the swivel bearing and, finally, the fourth for the type of caster. In this example, we have a housing made of heavy sheet steel (3) with a wide fork shape (4) and two ball races (7), swivel caster(0).

The second part defines the wheel: The letters describe – in order of left to right – the material, the tread and the type of wheel bearing. The number indicates the wheel diameter in millimeters. This caster has a polyamide (U) wheel body and a tread identical to the wheel body (O), and is supported by a precision ball bearing with noise dampening properties (T). The wheel diameter is 125 mm.
At the end of the order number is the description for the fitting type and its dimensions. In our example, we show a rigid caster with a rectangular plate (P62) measuring 105 x 85 mm.
If you search for individual wheels without a caster housing, the first four digits are omitted. Instead, the order number also indicates the wheel width, after the size.
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