The challenges for casters in logistics

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In logistics, countless goods are loaded onto order picking trolleys every day and pushed through the warehouse to the delivery vehicle. The loads represent a heavy burden on employees, which affects both their health and the efficiency of their work. This is why good casters are indispensable in logistics.

Order picking trolleys have to be constantly loaded and moved through the warehouse. For the employees, this means constant starting and stopping, pushing, pulling and steering the trolley. If the casters on the order picking trolley are not designed for this type of application, or they are of poor quality, this will put strain on the health of warehouse employees, and at the same time reduce efficiency. Therefore to protect employees and improve working conditions, it is essential to select the appropriate casters. These must have both good rolling characteristics and a high load capacity. Maneuverability, above all, is vital in this case, since warehouse work often requires a great deal of steering and control.

Innovative TENTE E-Drive system for logistics

In addition to high-quality casters, TENTE offers an ideal solution for logistics with the innovative E-Drive system. This electrical starting aid facilitates daily work and takes the strain off employees in the warehouse. The system is switched on at the push of a button and the trolley starts to move without any problems and with better directional stability. The speed can be adjusted steplessly. If it is not currently needed, the E-Drive system lifts up off the ground, so that the flexibility of the picking trolley is guaranteed at all times. The castors themselves are equipped with elastic rubber tyres, which ensure cushioned, quiet running and thus provide even more drive comfort.


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