Installing casters: Advice from the experts

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When installing casters, it is important to ensure that the contact surface of the caster is in direct contact with the respective equipment. This is the only way to achieve maximum load capacity. This rule applies regardless of the type of fitting you choose.

For threadeds tem fittings, ensure the screw is sufficiently strong (strength class min. 8.8 or comparable).  The minimum tightening torque must comply with the technical guidelines. Threaded stem connections must be permanently secured by the user to prevent them from working loose on their own. The stated load capacities are based on the installation instructions specified here.

Note on installation of casters in the series 5320/5327

When attaching the threaded stem on the fitting, the special wrench provided for it must be used. It is essential that the wrench lies flush when tightening the screw, so that the entire covering cap is used. The tightening torque must be at least 25 Nm.

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Please also note our notes on fittings when installing casters. Depending on the type of fitting, different things must be taken into account during installation. If you have any questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with us for detailed advice on the subject of installation.


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