Heavy-duty wheels from TENTE

Special wheels are required when it comes to transporting heavy loads or coping with high travel speed. TENTE’s heavy-duty wheels are built durable and can withstand heavy loads of several tons. Heavy-duty wheels are used, for example, in construction on cranes, tugger trains or mobile stairs. The wheels are equipped with a stainless steel or heavy steel housing. Heavy-duty wheels and casters are available as rigid or swivel casters. Rigid casters give the application a secure footing, while swivel casters facilitate maneuverability. A combination of swivel and rigid casters is often ideal: for both travelling in a straight line and maneuvering heavy loads.

Selection criteria for heavy-duty wheels
Various factors must be taken into consideration when selecting the right “strong” wheels. These include the load-bearing capacity, start-up and roll resistance, tread material and environmental conditions such as temperature.
The load-bearing capacity is calculated by dividing the weight of the transport device, including the load, by the number of wheels. Depending on the operating conditions, the result is then multiplied by a safety factor. The safety factor depends on whether the wheels are used outdoors or indoors and whether the devices are motorized or moved manually.

Heavy-duty wheels as a customized solution
If required, we will be happy to develop an individual solutions to meet your requirements. In close cooperation with you, our experienced team develops heavy-duty wheels that can carry all loads and cope with all external conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions about wheels, or if you need a customized design!