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The performance of a caster or wheel depends heavily on the ideal fitting. The type of fitting required is determined by the design of the equipment to which the casters are to be attached. Standard fittings include plates, solid stems, threaded stems and more. We offer expander tube fittings and fitting elements with integrated locking systems for central locking systems. Whatever type of fitting is used, care must be taken during installation to make sure that the caster is flush with the equipment. The maximum load capacity of the caster can only be guaranteed if the equipment is resting fully on the outer ball cover.

Different fittings are used depending on the equipment and type of use. A plate fitting is used, for example, if the transport equipment has a flat component at the point where the castor is to be mounted. In the case of the bolt hole fitting, threadeds stem or other connecting element is inserted through the central axis of the swivel head. Another option is the socket for a bolt, where a bolt is inserted into a tube. This type of fitting is used exclusively with swivel casters, however, and is not suitable for rigid casters.

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With TENTE's durable connections, every caster is mounted quickly and securely. Do you need a different type of caster fitting that is not included in our extensive range? Ask us - with our proven and innovative concepts we would also be pleased to develop individual solutions for you!


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