The dangers associated with electrostatic discharge

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ESD refers to electrostatic discharges. Friction can cause an electrostatic charge to build up in equipment. If this charge cannot be dissipated, it will discharge the next time contact is made with the ground.

The phenomenon of ESD is well-known from everyday life and although it can be unpleasant, it is generally harmless. The situation is different, however, in industry or in medical facilities, for example. Here, electrostatic discharges can have dramatic consequences. In areas at risk of fire or explosion, for example, there is a risk that gases or dust may ignite. Also, sensitive equipment can be damaged during discharge – an effect which, especially in hospitals, should be avoided at all costs! In order to prevent this, special ESD-compatible materials, which can conduct the voltage into the ground, are used in these types of situation.

ESD-compatible materials

Plastics and rubber are insulators, i.e. non-conductive materials. In order to make such a materials conductive, conductive materials such as graphite particles are added to them. This reduces the ohmic resistance and the material can then also be used in the more sensitive areas. TENTE’s ESD-compatible castors are available in numerous versions for a variety of different applications. If required, we can also develop individual special solutions for you, which are designed to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us for advice from our castor experts!


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