The ergonomics of wheels and casters

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The term ergonomics comes from ancient Greek and refers to the “science of the natural laws of human work”. The aim is to adapt the working conditions to suit the people who work there. Wheels and casters are very important here. Easy running, for example, reduces the force that must be applied in order to set a transport device in motion and keep it moving. This relieves any strain on the back and improves the working conditions.

Years of office work often lead to back and neck pain, which can be difficult to rectify. Here, in particular, an ergonomic workstation can play a major role in preventing such problems. The most important thing there is the office chair and its casters. The chair must be fitted with swivel casters, which must glide easily over the floor. The right casters must be chosen to suit the type of floor covering, so that they run smoothly and do not leave marks on the floor or make annoying noises.


Ergonomics in hospital

The right casters are essential in hospitals to ensure ergonomic working conditions. Selecting the ideal casters for hospital beds is particularly important. Poor casters would result in nursing staff having to put in much more effort to transport beds from one place to another. At the same time, the casters must be easy to lock, as they constantly need to be stopped. If the locks or brakes are of inferior quality, caregivers have to bring the bed to a halt themselves. This is particularly damaging for the back and can cause permanent problems. A good and safe"href=""/a> wheel lock prevents such problems and supports staff in their daily work.

In addition to these two examples, there are many other areas where ergonomics is of great importance. Ergonomic casters and wheels are also very important for personnel in warehouses or industrial facilities, especially in heavy-duty applications. Whatever the field of application, the individual requirements must be determined and the work equipment must be equipped accordingly. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!


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