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Equipment casters are lightweight casters with a load capacity of up to approximately 100 kg per caster. These casters are mainly used indoors, for example in the medical sector or in cafeterias or commercial kitchens. The equipment and transport devices fitted with these casters include medical equipment, display stands, storage containers and plate dispensers.

Equipment casters are notable for their high degree of robustness when exposed to harmful environmental influences. When fitted with these casters, devices and equipment can be easily steered and maneuvered. They offer particularly smooth running, as well as low rolling and swivel resistance. The casters are designed for low travel speeds of up to about 3 km/h.

Different series of TENTE equipment casters are available, such as the 1298, 2198 and 2478 series of rigid casters made with sheet steel housing and riveted wheel axle. Swivel casters for equipment are made with sheet steel housing and have a swivel bearing with a double race. The swivel casters can be supplied without locks, with wheel brake or with total lock brake. They are available in the 1430, 1470, 1670, 2470 and 2670 series. The load capacity of TENTE’s equipment casters ranges from 10 kg per caster for very light equipment to 100 kg per caster. The capacities have been tested according to standards EN 12528 or EN 12530.

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