The relevant DIN standards for TENTE wheels and casters

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TENTE casters and wheels are always developed and tested in compliance with the latest DIN standards, which are published up by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Below we have provided a brief description of the contents of the relevant standards.

DIN EN 12526
This standard specifies the vocabulary and symbols used for wheels and casters. The standard defines the components of wheels and their constituent parts and describes the axle and mounting options of a wheel. DIN EN 12526 also includes a description of the caster and its housing.

DIN EN 12527
DIN EN 12527 is a standard that describes how wheels and casters must be tested. It specifies both the test apparatus and test methods. The standard defines, for example, how to test the electrical resistance and wheel brake or swivel brake. The standard describes how to perform dynamic and static tests and other testing procedures.

The following standards specify these requirements for different groups of wheels and casters.

DIN EN 12528
The DIN EN 12528 standard specifies the technical requirements, dimensions and testing requirements with which furniture casters must comply. This does not include casters for swivel chairs chairs or other special applications.

DIN EN 12529
In line with the previous standard, DIN EN 12529 specifies the technical and testing requirements and dimensions for casters that are normally fitted to swivel chairs. The standard addresses casters with and without braking devices.

DIN EN 12530
This standard defines the requirements and dimensions for equipment casters and manually operated wheels and casters that are used in public facilities such as hotels, restaurants, schools or hospitals.

DIN EN 12531
Standard DIN EN 12531 applies to the requirements and dimensions of hospital bed casters. Specifically, this standard applies to hospital bed swivel casters which have a wheel diameter of 100 mm or more and are equipped with a central locking brake. Other swivel casters with similar dimensions can also be used according to this standard.

DIN EN 12532
DIN EN 12532 covers industrial casters up to a speed of 1.1 m/s or 4 km/h. The standard does not cover wheels and casters for furniture, swivel chairs, appliances, hospital beds or driven applications.

DIN EN 12533
DIN EN 12533 regulates heavy-duty wheels and casters – including accessories – for mechanical or power-driven applications with a speed of between 1.1 and 4.4 m/s or 4 and 16 km/h. Drive wheels and wheels with pneumatic tires are not covered by this standard.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the individual DIN standards in detail. Please contact our service team.


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