Advantages of central locking

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A central locking mechanism locks several casters at once and thus effectively immobilizes the transport equipment and prevents it from rolling away or shifting. In contrast to individual locks, this system is connected to at least two casters, and can also directly affect all of the casters. Central locking is useful for all applications where equipment has to be constantly moved and stopped again.

The biggest advantage of a central locking system is obvious: Several casters can be locked or released simultaneously. Depending on the system, the locking mechanism can be operated by hand or foot. The ergonomic benefit for the operator, can't be underestimated. Additionally, the lever for the central locking lever is always located at the same position on the equipment, thus easy to located for care staff. If the equipment is fitted with individual locking casters, it is possible, depending on the wheel position, that the brake pedal may be located underneath the equipment. For safety purposes, the lever of a central locking system can also be protected with a lever lock, if required.

Applications for central locks

An example of use: Hospital beds can be equipped with a central locking system that acts on all four swivel casters simultaneously. The casters are released or locked by a pedal. It is also possible to lock two casters in the directional position to make it easier to push the bed in a straight line. The brake pedal can be operated from both sides of the bed.

As a rule, central locking systems are recommended in all situations where it is important to lock the equipment securely in a stationary position and to operate the locking system quickly, easily and reliably. In addition to hospital beds, waste containers are another typical type of application. We will be happy to discuss whether a central locking system is worthwhile for your application. Contact us and let TENTE’s experts advise you on all aspects of this topic!


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