Swivel chairs: find suitable casters

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The swivel chair is the classic choice for the office or home office. It allows a comfortable sitting position and is practical, as you can quickly roll in any direction. This makes it possible to carry out a wide variety of work steps without having to stand up. In order to maintain this flexibility and mobility in the long term, the swivel chair must be equipped with good casters that can withstand the loads, are easy to steer and are gentle to floors.

Swivel chairs are not used exclusively in offices. Children often do their homework sitting on a swivel chair at their desk at home. Ergonomic swivel chairs are highly recommended, especially at an early age, for promoting good posture. Swivel chairs can also be found in many medical practices and hospitals. Doctors can quickly glide from the desk to the patient or to the medicine cabinet. This speeds up procedures and relieves the strain on the doctor.

Requirements for swivel chair casters

Swivel chair casters must be adapted primarily to the particular floor conditions. This means that: Harder floors need softer casters and softer floors need harder wheels. The wrong caster can cause damage. Hard wheels leave marks and scratches on hard floors. Soft casters, on soft floors like carpet, can attract lint, which permanently impairs the maneuverability of the casters.

TENTE swivel chair casters for hard floors have a tread made of innovative Supratech, a thermoplastic rubber. This tread material is gentle to the floor, runs easily and does not leave marks. If required, a load-dependent wheel brake provides extra safety for the casters. The brake prevents the chair from rolling away inadvertently.

If you have any questions about the best casters for your swivel chair, please contact us – we will be happy to help you choose your mobility solution!


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