The caster material determines the properties

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The caster material must be selected according to the requirements the caster needs to meet. Generally speaking: No material can meet all of the requirements equally well. Example: A hard polyurethane caster has a high load-bearing capacity, low roll and swivel resistance and virtually no abrasion – ideal properties. Due to its relative hardness, however, it makes great demands of the floor, because the load is concentrated on a very small contact area.

Comparison of different materials for transport equipment casters

The properties of the most common caster materials for sulu:link href="6ca03487-74bc-48b7-a68e-17d59e1e5fbd" provider="page" target=”_self" title="Transport trolley”>transport equipment casters differ even more. The properties of polyamide and solid rubber, for example, differ widely with regard to all parameters. Polyamide is usually the best choice for transporting heavy load, or when the equipment is moved on hard-wearing floors – however, the noise of the moving wheels can quickly increase on uneven floors. With sensitive floors and lower load, polyurethane meets the requirements and at the same time offers extremely floor-friendly properties.

Beyond the interactions mentioned here, other factors also play a role. We will be happy to provide further information.

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