Requirements for care bed casters

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Two things play a particularly important role in care situations: Safety and hygiene. Falling out of the care bed is a major risk that can never be completely eliminated. And bacteria and germs can spread incredibly quickly in care facilities. These factors also make great demands on care bed casters. The cleanliness of the casters must always be ensured; a special design also reduces the risk of injury. Easy maneuverability of the beds must be taken into account as well. Care staff regularly push them along narrow aisles, they have to stop and start moving, over and over again. Sluggish castes will affect the health of care staff in the long term.

Care bed casters with high-quality precision ball bearings enable smooth performance, and easy maneuverability, resulting in increased handling comfort for care staff. Care beds should be fitted with swivel casters so that they can be pushed in all directions. Sealed bearings ensure the casters are easily cleaned in accordance with hygiene requirements. A housing design with a low overall height is recommended, it reduces the overall height of the bed, which in turn reduces the potential falling height and the resulting risk of injury.

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TENTE is the world market leader in medical and care bed casters. Our innovative mobility solutions are constantly being developed further. casters of the TENTE Linea series, for example, meet all the requirements placed on care bed casters. They offer smooth and easy movement, good maneuverability and drive comfort. The housing construction is extremely low, a locking system ensures safety.

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