AGVs: Driverless transport systems

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Driverless transport systems (or Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV, systems) are unmanned vehicles that are automatically controlled by their own drive mechanisms. They are used in the industrial environment, primarily in logistics, distribution, production and storage facilities. These economically efficient conveying systems operate without the deployment of people and contribute to a high level of profitability in the operating process. The use of in-house driverless systems (AGVs) poses special challenges for the casters and wheels on which the floor-bound transport solutions run.

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Short throughput times, high flexibility and targeted transport are essential arguments for the in-company use of driverless systems. This automation solution allows cross-industry planning of processes and an increase in production. With TENTE's casters and wheels, you have perfect-fit components that are specially designed for the environment of automated systems. For example, the manufacturer's special solutions feature suitability for use in automated washing systems: The casters for AGVs have sturdy, stainless steel housings and wheels with sealed precision ball bearings. In addition, they are characterized by a long service life and can be fitted with special sulu:link href="3b848db2-dae6-4be5-96f9-e14b401969b6" provider="page" target="_self" title="Caster locking">Locking solutions  in addition to standard wheel and swivel head locking solutions.

Advantages of AGVs for your business

Different transport systems officially operate under the name of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). These systems, which may have different designs in terms of their technical characteristics and possibilities, offer numerous advantages. They allow the greatest possible flexibility, for instance, since they can be integrated into existing structures and are suitable for transporting a wide variety of goods. And AGVs are ideal for accommodating fluctuating performance requirements.


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