Weighty mobility solutions

Machinery and workshop

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Weighty mobility solutions

In the field of machinery and workshop equipment, renowned companies from a wide variety of industries rely on our mobility solutions. Thanks to our advanced expertise in heavy-duty castors, we know the special requirements of the various applications and offer a wide range of castors and wheels for harsh environments and heavy loads. We are always there to support you with your national and international projects. With our broad portfolio. With many years of experience. And also with intelligent mobility solutions made to measure.

High load-bearing capacity and maximum safety

Our heavy-duty castors impress with their high load-bearing capacities and are extremely wear-resistant. Solutions with reliable brakes guarantee a secure stance and are ideally suited for scaffolding or work platforms. Castors and wheels with central locking systems make locking the wheels especially comfortable and quick – for waste containers, for example. Occupational safety also plays a key role in our developments. This is why we offer you solutions with safety locks that reliably prevents equipment from unintentionally rolling away.

Non-hazardous materials

For agricultural applications and mechanical cleaning equipment, as well as for many other sensitive areas, we naturally also have stainless steel products to choose from.

Our products

25 daN

Motorized casters

660 - 1,320 lbs

Industrial casters for easy maneuverability

660 - 1,765 lbs

Medium heavy duty industrial casters

90 - 330 lbs

Highly functional casters for a wide range of requirements and industries

155 - 1,100 lbs

Industrial casters

330 - 770 lbs

Self-aligning casters for automated guided vehicles (AGV)

300 - 6,615 lbs

Heavy duty industrial casters

1,100 - 22,045 lbs

Cast polyurethane wheels for a strong performance

220 - 22,045 lbs

Cast polyurethane wheels

175 - 1,765 lbs

Elastic rubber wheels

Our solutions

Solutions for demanding environments

Material science for difficult tasks

Safety first: Automatic wheel brake

Our customer references

The service life of our casters with a 100 metric ton load: years

Working platforms with crucial special equipment: enhanced safety.

Casters strong enough to carry 63,000 kilograms? No problem


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