Serving the highest standards

Food and catering

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Serving the highest standards

Dinner is served! Our portfolio includes the right castors and wheels for use in the food and catering industry. Mobility solutions that ensure safety, environmental relief and comfort in their hygienically sensitive areas of application. They offer optimum manoeuvrability and are impressively quiet. As a result, our products are recommended for bakery equipment, commercial kitchen and catering equipment, service trolleys and aircraft trolleys as well as household appliances. Our castors and wheels are also preferred by well-known manufacturers from the food processing industry.

At one with the environment

Our product range offers you a choice of solutions that exactly meet the requirements of your area of application. For example, you can find heat-resistant wheels for mobile oven racks in bakeries. Stainless steel castors for kitchen appliances, low-noise plastic castors for service trolleys or extremely light models for aircraft trolleys. The latter not only allow effortless manoeuvrability, but also help towards fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Safety and comfort

Thanks to their sophisticated design, our castors and wheels ensure low-vibration transport of food and beverages. Our locking systems ensure a secure footing and are recommended heavy induction trolleys, for example. User-friendly central locks, on the other hand, allow more than one wheel to be locked at the same time, thus improving ease of operation.

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