Our brand promise

Better Mobility. Better Life.

There are significant terms closely associated with the word 'mobility': progress, flexibility and drive. They all shape our modern lives and are essential for success and development. It is for this reason that at TENTE we work on driving mobility forward every day - with our innovative casters and wheels, uncompromising standards of quality, and above all, with a clear brand promise: Better Mobility. Better Life. 

TENTE has been developing smart mobility solutions since 1923. Solutions, which noticeably improve people's lives and working environment. Solutions which increase productivity, increase safety and open up new design opportunities, durability, and environmental friendliness - in all aspects of life. No matter whether it's for industrial applications, medical technology, medical devices, transportation of heavy goods, mechanical engineering, intralogistics, factory equipment, or furniture: TENTE casters and wheels set new standards and put defining changes into motion. By doing this, we enjoy our customers' confidence not only because of our high quality products and innovative spirit, but especially due to our close customer support on five continents.

On the following pages we explain in detail which values form the basis of our multiple strengths, in which outstanding mobility solutions manifest themselves and which far-reaching improvements can be brought about - for mobility - for all sectors of life - and of course, for our customers.