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Corrosion resistance of castors and wheels

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Ideally, castors and wheels should be used in a dry environment where they are rarely affected by corrosive influences, if at all. The castors and wheels then remain in excellent condition for a long time and their functionality is not impaired. However, mobile devices are often used outdoors or in extreme conditions. In such cases, the corrosion resistance of the castors and wheels becomes important. The surfaces of the individual components – such as the housing, fitting and wheel rims – must be appropriately treated to ensure that they are protected against corrosion.

Corrosion resistance due to surface finish

Good corrosion resistance is achieved by providing the right surface protection. The environment in which the castors or wheels are to be used is of particular relevance when selecting the right surface finish. The following environments, for example, increase the requirement for corrosion resistance:

• Moisture
• Wetness
• Oils and fats
• Heat and cold
• Steam cleaning
• Hot water with alkaline solutions
• Acids and animal fats

Passivation, electrostatic powder coating and cathodic dip painting are among the many options for surface finishing. We find the best surface protection for each set of requirements to ensure the quality and durability of your castors and wheels.


"Stainless steel castors" for strict hygiene regulations

We use stainless steel to produce castors with very good corrosion resistance. This is also how we also manufacture our “stainless steel castors”. These are used in applications where particularly strict hygiene regulations apply. Such applications include catering equipment and hospital furniture, such as hospital beds. These devices, including the castors, must be disinfected frequently, for which stainless steel is ideal.

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