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Technical data

Load Capacity

300 - 2000 kg

Wheel Diameter

80 - 300 mm

The most important characteristics of the "Kappa" castor

Optimised steering stability

Directional lock for improved steering around bends, as well as moving in a straight line for long distances.

Flexible lock function

Use of two independent actuation systems in one castor.

Quick maintenance

Swivel bearings lubricated with long-life grease and fitted with grease nipple for easy maintenance.

Optimised directional lock

Directional lock can be adjusted to your requirements to 2 x 180° or 4 x 90°.

Easy steering

Axial groove ball bearing with dual purpose bearing and tapered roller bearing for excellent swivelling properties under high loads.

Low-vibration transport

Extra soft wheels with good shock-absorbing properties.

Reliable traction

Traction-optimised treads for secure grip on wet and slippery floors.

Secured mounting plate

Mounting plate secured with bolt and nut kingpin.

Ergonomically friendly use

Wheels with optimised rolling resistance to lighten the load for the user.

Increased occupational safety

Partially elastic foot protection to reduce accidents. Also used on uneven floors.

Secure stance

Total lock for simultaneously locking the wheel and swivel housing.

Colour matching

Colours can be adapted to match the product design.

Individual branding

Engraved, cast or printed.

Certified quality

Tested in our own test laboratory for compliance with European standards.

Extra heavy duty construction

Welded solid steel construction for highest load capacity.

Low wear and tear wheels

Durable wheels with extremely low wear and tear properties.

Hardened double ball raceways

Two hardened double ball raceways guarantee exceptional stability.

Uninterrupted use

Swivel bearing with dust ring for continuous, uninterrupted movement.

Quiet running

Soft wheel versions for a quiet working environment.

Non-marking movement

Wheels with reduced abrasion and little cleaning requirement.

Non-staining operation

Non-staining on contact with floors during long standing periods.

Resource-conserving part replacement

Threaded axles allow effortless wheel change.

Non-hazardous materials

Complies with RoHS and REACH regulations. Does not contain polycyclic aromatic carbons or chromium (VI).

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