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What’s important when choosing suitcase castors?

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Anyone who travels regularly with a suitcase knows how arduous a journey can be. Suitcases with castor systems are perfect for reducing the load and making manoeuvring easy. The ideal suitcase castors are soft and similar in size to those on inline skates. The suitcase can be pulled along easily with such castors – even on long routes and uneven paths. If new castors are needed, they must match the suitcase exactly so that the mobility of the case remains the same. The properties of castors for two-castor suitcases and four-castor suitcases are different, and this must be taken into account.

Two or four castors?

The question of whether a suitcase should have two or four castors is really a matter of taste. But there are also logistical reasons for choosing one or the other. A suitcase with two castors can be pulled behind you in a tilted position. This makes manoeuvring easier, but the weight of the suitcase has to be supported by the arm. The castors on this type of suitcase are particularly advantageous on uneven ground, as they are usually larger and smoother than those of four-castor suitcases and can therefore compensate for unevenness more easily. In addition, the castors usually protrude less than in the four-castor version.

Four castors, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility on the move. The suitcase can be turned through 360 degrees, which makes it particularly easy to manoeuvre. You can push it along in front of you or next to you. This is ideal in narrow aisles, such as those in trains or buses. On uneven floors, however, these smaller castors do not run quite as well as those of two-castor suitcases. You also have to be careful if you tilt these suitcases and pull them on only two of the castors. The castors then wear out unevenly, which impairs the running comfort.

Innovative castors from TENTE

TENTE suitcase castors are intelligent solutions that will make your next holiday or business trip much more comfortable. Discover our wide range of products or let our experts advise you. We will be happy to answer all your questions about the various suitcase castors in detail and help you to choose the right castors for your suitcase – contact us!


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