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Shopping trolleys: the ideal castors

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If your shopping trolley fails to run smoothly when you are shopping in a supermarket or DIY store, your stress level rises rapidly. Even when fully loaded, shopping trolleys must be easy to push and steer and must have safety mechanisms that prevent the trolley from rolling away. This is not possible with inferior castors: Castors can get stuck, drift in the wrong direction or be difficult to manoeuvre.

Important features for shopping trolley castors

Shopping trolleys sometimes have to be pushed along very narrow aisles. And if an obstacle is in the way, they must be manoeuvred in the tightest of spaces. With the wrong castors this is practically impossible and steering becomes a laborious business. High-quality swivel castors, on the other hand, allow easy manoeuvring in all directions. It is also important that the castors are robust and can withstand impacts. This means that they need a strong housing.

The material of the tread also needs to be considered. If the castors leave marks, this spoils the appearance of the supermarket. Rubber treads are therefore recommended here, as these rarely leave marks, even when heavily loaded.


Shopping trolleys run smoothly with TENTE castors – for young and old alike

Shopping trolleys can be equipped with TENTE 2875QMP or TENTE 2370PJP castors. Both series have very good running characteristics, a stable housing construction and high-quality bearings. TENTE castors from the 2875QMP range are additionally equipped with an integrated brake shoe, to reduce the risk of the trolley rolling away. TENTE 2370PJP castors have a tread made of thermoplastic rubber, the innovative Supratech. They are available in different sizes: Castors with a small wheel diameter can also be used for children's shopping trolleys.


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