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What are pneumatic tyres particularly suitable for?

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Pneumatic tyres, which we know well from cars and bicycles, are also used in many other areas. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and offer particularly good protection for floors.

Pneumatic tyres: Excellent drive comfort even on uneven floors

The rubber tyres contain pressurised air, which carries the wheel load and can compensate for any unevenness of the floor as the wheel rolls. As a result, the tyres offer a high level of drive comfort and low rolling resistance, even with adverse floor conditions. To maintain the good running characteristics over the long term, care must be taken to ensure that the tyre pressure is neither too high nor too low.

Pneumatic tyres are resistant to numerous aggressive substances and can therefore be used in many areas. Furthermore, the tyres are suitable as robust welded-steel constructions for heavy loads and can therefore be used in the heavy-duty sector.


The ply rating of pneumatic tyres

In the case of pneumatic tyres, the so-called ply rating (PR) is indicated, which describes the strength of the tyre – the carcass strength. For the same size of tyre, a higher PR number means more stability and higher strength. Lighter tyres usually have a ply rating of about 2-4 PR, while heavier tyres have a ply rating of at least 6 PR.

Please note that the ply rating figures can only be compared directly if tyres are of the same size. If the tyres are a different size, the properties differ even if the ply rating is the same.



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