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What’s a drive wheel?

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Drive wheels are used to autonomously propel industrial trucks ✔ forklifts ✔ & more

Drive wheels

Drive wheels on transport equipment are used to move the equipment autonomously. The power of a motor, or a person, is transmitted to the surface of the floor via the drive wheels. This causes the device to start moving. Drive wheels are used in industrial trucks and forklifts, for example, but also in numerous other areas. Another example of use is in heavy-duty applications, to transport heavy loads. In this case, they have a maximum load capacity of up to several thousand kilos per wheel. The drive wheels can be located either at the front or rear. All-wheel drive vehicles are also possible, where – instead of just some of the wheels – all of the wheels on the equipment are driven at once.

TENTE drive wheels

The versatile TENTE range comprises drive wheels with a wheel centre made of painted grey cast iron and a tread made of polyurethane, rubber, or polyamide with various Shore hardness grades. In addition, we develop customer-specific drives according to drawings, which are tailored to the exact requirements of the application concerned.

Another TENTE innovation is the drive castor for hospital beds. This makes it much easier to move the bed. It is fitted to the bed as a fifth castor and is connected to a complete system comprising motors and electronic circuitry.


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