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What are the properties of polyamide as a tread on wheels and castors?

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Thanks to their low swivel resistance and rolling resistance, polyamide castors or wheels offer good drive characteristics on smooth floors. Castors with a polyamide tread can be used at temperatures between -40 °C and +80 °C. The thermoplastic material is also hygienic and can therefore be used in areas where castors have to comply with strict hygiene requirements.

Polyamide: Tread material with a high load capacity

Wheels and castors with a polyamide tread are very robust and durable. This thermoplastic material is notable for its abrasion resistance and minimal wear. It is also break-proof and leaves no marks. Polyamide is highly resistant to many aggressive substances, but not to oxidizing agents, mineral acids or heavy metal salt solutions.

Areas of application for polyamide treads

Polyamide is harder than polyurethane, for example, and has a high load capacity. This makes it suitable for applications where heavy loads have to be carried. Since castors with a polyamide tread can be used at temperatures down to -40°C, they are ideal for use in deep-freeze conditions. On smooth floors, polyamide runs particularly easily. If the floor is slightly uneven, however, a polyurethane tread is better suited. Polyamide can also cause slight damage to floors and should therefore be used only on less sensitive floors.


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