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Corporate Responsibility

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Our beliefs

We believe exploring new possibilities and improved mobility help us to develop sustainable quality for a better life. As an honest and reliable manufacturer as well as a global business partner, we understand our moral obligation to serve society, our employees, and the environment in a respectful manner. We are convinced that our social responsibility is crucial for the benefits of our company.

Our grounds

To ensure steady growth and further progress of our company, we also focus on equal rights and opportunities within our company. Every employee at TENTE enjoys the same rights, no matter of gender, religion, cultural background, etc. To communicate this ethical responsibility transparently within the company, we follow our Leadership Wheel guideline for ethical conduct and company values. This helps us to create an internal atmosphere that improves work ethics and impacts the outside world in a positive way in terms of social responsibility. 


Our recent actions in numbers (2021)

  • Collection and distribution of monetary and in-kind donations (>20,000 euros) for victims of the flood disaster in July in Germany.
  • 200 employees vaccinated in our own vaccination centre.
  • First castor product range made of up to 98% biomaterials.


Environmental protection

In times when the significance of a responsible approach to nature is more important than ever before, we pay great attention to the issue of sustainability. We strive to protect ecological resources, prevent waste, and minimize any kind of environmental pollution - starting with reducing CO2 emissions and preventing noises.

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For us, sustainability is as much about taking responsibility for people as it is about protecting the environment. For this reason, we are particularly dedicated to the education of employees within TENTE. This also applies to some external associations. Therefore, we can report partnerships with three different universities.  

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Humanitarian relief

An additional element of responsible interaction with people is humanitarian belief. This includes, above all, human equality, a principle that we live by within TENTE. We believe this should also apply to everyone outside our company. Therefore, we live up to and support the UN Global Compact (human rights, no child labour etc.). 

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