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More than just colour: Surface finish

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There are practically no limits to the design possibilities for our castor surfaces. Different colouring methods are used depending on the requirement profile: Printing, coating and complete solid-colouring.

We have three different methods just for printing the caps: Laser printing offers different shades of grey and is therefore ideally suited for printing logos and text. Pad printing allows any colour insert, so that logos and symbols can be reproduced in colour. UV direct printing has no colour restrictions and is particularly recommended for displaying images. The coating process can be used to give the forks and housing of the castor an individual and high-quality surface finish – using special coatings, on request.


Not only the colour shade and printed image, but also the gloss level can be defined, depending on the process. Complete through-colouring of the plastic offers the greatest possible insensitivity to mechanical influences during use. In addition to homogeneous colouring of the components, different degrees of gloss and surface texture requirements can be individually implemented at tool level.

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