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The most important features of the "e-drive flex” castor

Optimised steering stability

A fifth wheel for improved steering in curves and driving in a straight line for long distances.

User-friendly assembly

Hand-held control unit can be attached flexibly in a vertical or horizontal position.

Practical system solution

Easily integrated system solution consisting of a drive unit, control module, hand-held control unit, battery, charger and mounting set.

Flexible use

Lifting motor can be switched on when required. Therefore, no ground contact is made when in the standby position.

Ergonomic operation

Ergonomically designed hand control unit with system and battery status LED display. One-button operation.

Accelerated processes

Faster start-up with heavy loads to accelerate operating processes.

Certified operating reliability

Standard conformity according to DIN EN ISO 13849

Low-vibration transport

Extra soft wheels with good shock-absorbing properties.

Reliable electronics

Infinitely variable speed regulation (forward and reverse) through safety-tested drive switches.

Reduced absences due to illness

Rapid return on investment through fewer illness-related absences.

Healthy staff

Heavy loads can be moved effortlessly. Prevents physical ailments to the neck, back, shoulders and wrists.

Colour matching

Colours can be adapted to match the product design.

Certified quality

Tested in our own test laboratory for compliance with European standards.

Solid housing

Made of pressed steel, zinc plated.

Standardised maintenance

USB interface for firmware updates.

Durable construction

Complete protection against spray water (IPX4).

Long life operation

With standard batteries, approx. 200 start-up cycles at maximum load.

Optimal ground contact

High contact force between the wheel and the floor with a compensating function for uneven floors.

Quiet rolling

Soft wheel versions for a quiet working environment.

Non-marking movement

Wheel with reduced abrasion and little cleaning requirement.

Non-staining operation

Non-staining on contact with floors during long standing periods.

Resource-conserving part replacement

Threaded axles allow effortless wheel change.

Non-hazardous materials

Complies with RoHS and REACH regulations. Does not contain polycyclic aromatic carbons or chromiums.

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