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What are the advantages of a polyurethane tread?

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Polyurethane is ideally suited as tread material for castors & wheels


Polyurethane: A floor-friendly and robust tread

Polyurethane (PUR) is widely used as a tread material for wheels and castors. PUR has elastic properties and is also very robust. The material's robustness makes it ideal for castors and wheels that have to carry heavy loads.

The tread influences the smoothness of running, the starting, swivel- and rolling resistance and the overall drive comfort of a castor. The choice of tread depends, among other things, on the type of floor on which the castors are to be used. As a general rule, the tread should be softer than the floor so that the castors do not leave indentations or marks.


Polyurethane wheel treads

Polyurethane is a floor-friendly tread that is elastic, abrasion-resistant and exceptionally resistant to many substances. Treads made of PUR are also characterised by low rolling resistance and therefore excellent drive comfort. At particularly high or low temperatures, however, polyurethane is not the preferred solution. In this case it is possible that the load carrying capacity decreases and the rigidity increases.

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